Inspired by organic structures
The concept is powered by Nano Flow Cell system. A flow cell battery is on saltwater basis and has a great potential for a future application. Therefore the inspiration come from ocean and organic structures. The car represents a vision for a future electric car market so the final design is a fusion of dynamic futuristic look and a minimalist approach.


The Concept
Orca is a concept of an urban electric car (2015). The vehicle is designed primarily for short to medium distance usage (400 km), to which corresponds the size of the vehicle, the type of propulsion, the energy storage systems and most importantly the design. The concept is based on the author's reflections and ideas on the future of automotive design in the short term (10-15 years): the vehicle is still considered the owner's jewel, however, it will use advanced environmental technologies and it will be capable of autonomous operation. Furthermore, the driving pleasure remains due to the possibility of manual control. The vehicle is moreover equipped with a nanoflowcell system. This system is based on the reaction of two electrolytes, which are on saltwater basis. For this reason, the inspiration for this project was sought in the underwater world, in the organic and in nanostructures. Additionally, the design was influenced by the author's positive attitude to functionalism. The result of which is a dynamic, futuristic design that emphasizes technology and does not lack emotion. The dominant side view is complemented by a distinctive, simply shaped front part, which completes the timeless character of the electric vehicle.

Rear look while breaking

Video – Rear Lights UX
The car is capable of recognizing objects such as walkers, cars, cyclists, trafic signs, crossroads and it is programed to react to any problematin situation in a split second. Orca receive gps sygnal together with informations from citie's trafic network. The fin hides important parts for orientation and creates interesting design feature.
Honestly based in Ferdinand Porsche Birth House

1:7 Model based in Ferdinand Porsche Birth House

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